[1000 words + 1]

I guess I love flowers…

Hibiscus, June 2009 This was the first time I realized that my humble Sony DSC-W220 was capable of great things. The first artsy picture I tried to take.

Hibiscus II, June 2009 I find it interesting that Hibiscus is considered a flower in this part of the world. I always thought it was a pesky flowering weed whose sole purpose was to make acid-base indicator for HighSch Chem class, and Science class in Primary School.

Bouquet, March 2010

Attic Rose, 2010. I love the vintage feel of this one. Definitely something I could dream of finding in my granma's attic, if she had one.

One in a Million, March 2010.

Unnamed, June 2009. All I keep thinking is "Summer Sun and warm breezes".

Orchids on the Kitchen Counter, June 2009.

Unnamed, July 2009. St. Louis Botanical Gardens I tried capturing the little bee perched on the right of the screen. But I was not fast enough.

Femininity & Independence, Fall 2009. My first attempt at picture composition. Femininity, because of the rose and the fashion accessories. My wallet and all my fake bank cards to represent independence.

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