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Winter Wonderland

For someone who grew up near the equator, winter is  the uttermost torture imaginable. However, when I chose to ignore the cold altogether, it’s always so beautiful to be in it, and those ridiculously early sunsets are somehow more spectacular. I know, it’s summer, winter should be the last thing on my mind now, I couldn’t help it. The feature is the college chapel and the Chapel Green, named for the green grass that grows there in other seasons, the Chapel Green takes on the colors of the season. Bright green in spring and summer, green and orange after leaf-fall and snow white in the winter.

And my favorite, simply because of the warming feel of the sun…

The Icy Mississippi, Feb 10. Remember when teachers would ask us to spell the word Mississippi? Every few weeks in the winter, the Mississippi freezes over and form icy sheets on its surface as a result of under currents.

And that is it. I hope to be able to better show case the beauty of it all.

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One thought on “Winter Wonderland

  1. stevekitots on said:

    i love the 2nd and 3rd pictures

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