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I love travelling and recently found archived, some pictures of popular landmarks to which I have been…


The Golden Gate Bridge, Dec 08. I happened to stop by San Francisco for one day en route to Sacramento, and this happened to be the cloudiest, foggiest day of the year. I tried hard to get pictures though.

Golden Gate Bridge, Dec 2008. I love this shot for the man walking through the garden with the bridge in the background. And! It was used in my school's Camera Club display - proud moment cos it was my first ever.

St.Louis Arch, Aug 09.

UN Headquarters, July 09. I love the blue building-blue sky. Eventually, I hope to make a very reflective shot of the sky in the glass windows.


Times Sq, NY, July 09. New York is by far my fave destination. I love and hate Times Sq for the same reason - every one and their mother is there at any time of the day, anytime of the year.

Times Sq, July 09. It always feels unreal for me. Like I am in a movie.

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