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I hate that the trees are beginning to shed their leaves, I am not ready for it to be over… Not yet, I need about 6 more months.

All the same, here are snapshots of my summer. I had a month to travel around before getting down to some work and here are the pictures.

Lotsa fooling around with my sunglasses and California sunshine.

My last weekend in California, my honorable host and housemate thought it would be cool to get me out of the house and break the monotony of daytime TV, we drove from Sacramento to Reno, NV and back thru Sacramento to Santa Cruz within two days.

I enjoy shooting what essentially would be post card pictures. I always imagine I will make postcards for my friends but I know that if I were to mail said postcards – it would be the final nail in the coffin that is my questionable sanity.

The view from my room at night

The morning after, Reno, NV

Driving between Reno and Santa Cruz was quite an experience, it seems as though every few meters the climate and the vegetation changed, from desert to alpine and then beach. The West Coast is an interesting place.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk, CA

Maiden Rollercoaster Ride. Santa Cruz, CA. June 2010.

Summer Sun and Sand. Santa Cruz, CA

Ocean Breezes. Santa Cruz, CA. June 2010

If you know me well enough by now, you would know that New York is one of my favourite destinations. When I was five to about eight, there was a tourist handbook of New York, which happened to be in the house. I wore the pages because I’d spend hours “navigating” through the city looking at pictures of the Guggenheim, the Twin Towers etc. It’s a shame that I still haven’t covered a fraction of the sites at which I marvelled .

The Plaza Hotel, New York, NY. July 2010

Canal St. Chinatown, NY. July 2010. New York Chinatown was a slight disappointment. My mate and I went there expecting the Chinatown of Hollywood. I guess a trip to San Francisco is in order.

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6 thoughts on “Summer

  1. stevekitots on said:

    i love the 2nd photo and the one titled Summer, Sun and Sand…good work
    may just order one of these postcard photos 🙂

  2. Order away. You’d be my first customer. The summer sun and sand is one of my faves too. I like all the ones with sky and/or water.

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