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Updates 23/08/2010

I hate to have all these blank spots so early in a new blog, but I lent out my camera for a wedding and it has since declined to send it back. Thence, I have been rendered media-less to share my sights and (visual)sounds. I have a feeling I may never get it back but I see opportunity here, in the form of a Canon G11 <insert reviews>

Well not completely media-less. There is, after all, books from the library, one of which I will use today to share a wonderful new discovery Zwelethu Mthethwa. I found a self-titled book in the library of his work – beautiful! I especially like the pieces from the “Interiors” reminds me of my childhood. There’s a sense of beauty even in the seemingly ugly. Ripped out magazine pages plastered all over all-in-one studio apartments in shanties – sounds uncoordinated and dirty. But the pictures show the locals’ attempts to make their space beautiful. Many of them succeed in adding an artistic flair with patterns of a front-page model motif, or brands. One girl captures what I would call her fashion diva essence in the magazine covers she selects – 90s RnB artists and female rappers and models, style which is reflected in the shoes she dons.

To me, that is what photography is about, showing the same picture in a different light. What Mthethwa says about his pictures “My aim is to show the pride of the people I photograph” I think he succeeded. Here are pictures:


I shall return to my camera-less existence. That is all.

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2 thoughts on “Updates 23/08/2010

  1. I love your pics! You have just inspired me to post some of my pictures from my travels and my photography class.


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