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Where I live…

Woot! Woot! Got reunited with my camera! Here are some pictures I took while biking…

Location: The Great River Rd, Banks of the Mississippi between the villages of Elsah and Chautaqua , IL.

Time of Year: Mid-Summer, beautiful July.

Every time I drive down or I'm driven down, or cycle along this road, it's as though I died and went to heaven.

It is 15 minutes or more of God's beauty, winter, spring, summer or fall.

12 Miles to Alton. July, 2010

The water looks very inviting. But do not be fooled, there are several industrial plants upstream.

My school is nestled atop those cliffs.

I bet the River Rd looked exactly the same 50 years ago as it does now.

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One thought on “Where I live…

  1. The 1st photo reminds me of a guy from high school called Newton. He’d spend the first 7 minutes of waking up staring. Staring nothing, staring into eternity it seemed. I look at it and feel like Newton, like I’m staring into eternity.

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