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I am back!

I have been having a reflective couple of days, my internship is almost over, I’m up to here [indicating forehead] in uncompleted projects AND yesterday, I gathered the courage to take pictures on Mombasa Rd!! Yes, except I was hiding behind the window of a KBS and I hid my camera every time the bus slowed down or stopped. I’ll be showing those soon, once I seriously edit them. As you might know, taking pictures while playing hide and seek can be a bit… awkward. For now, though, I wanted to floss my ‘blog celeb’/model moment. My wife and I made it to Steve Kitoto’s photography blog, which, in turn was featured in Mutua Matheka’s blog.

Now, Steve is the man who inspired me to start this blog, while I have lusted after Mutua’s talent from day 1 (just a little before starting this project). I have hopes that one day even I will be featured on a Safaricom campaign (I have forgotten which one, something about showing proud Kenyan moments.)

I’m attaching some of the pictures… a bit vain to blog about myself, but I really miss you guys. Check out http://www.mutuamatheka.wordpress.com and stevekitots.wordpress.com for more photographic brilliance.

Anyone hiring models? We are looking to start a modelling career for this hawt lady. Picture her as the face of your brand... I know I'm definitely buying.

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4 thoughts on “I am back!

  1. I understand the shoot and run kind of photography. For me, it is due to askaris and what not. I am honored to be part of what you do in whatever smallish way. Now awaiting lots of blog posts. Maybe a shoot together while you are still around? 🙂

    • I will definitely work at keeping the posts coming – now the psyche is back.
      A shoot together, I would love that, except I’ll be doing more watching and learning than shooting.

  2. stevekitots on said:

    it dont matter, just come and learn…thats what we all do everytime we meet 🙂

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