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My School’s Cooler Than Yours

Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt normal transmission to bring you, “A Few Reasons Why My School Trumps Yours Any Day.” I am still in the spirit of daily posts, but unfortunately, I didn’t carry with me the components of what would have been today’s post – so until tomorrow. For now, I give you the Principia College Campus and Bluffs. World Famous, I tell you (well, now they are.)

Voney Art Studio

The barges are an ever present thing on this part of the Mississippi. Elsah was once an important port town and these are the last few remnants of that era (okay,  maybe that’s a stretch).

The Mississippi, view from bluffs.

That’s my little prayer closet or whatever. I like to sit there when I need to feel closer to God. Urgently needs to be more often. The sun, the river, the wind, the trees, nature is an affirmation. I don’t know about the bugs that come with it.


This last one, I add because this is what the view looks like at this time of year… if not, then definitely sooner rather than later.

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One thought on “My School’s Cooler Than Yours

  1. Beautiful post.

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