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Tuesday, 30th Nov

Writer’s Note: I am trying very hard in this post to avoid either of the names Steven Kitoto or Mutua Matheka – This entire week has been dedicated to them.

I’d overheard on Twitter that the usual photographer bunch (refer to previous posts) were going up to the Kenyatta International Conference Centre to try and capture Nairobi sunsets. I promised myself after the Kenya Railways shoot (here and here) that I would make a point to join them and see how they do what they do.

I tried a whole lot to take a nice picture up there. But my DSC-W220 decided to remind me that it does have its limits. And that altitude, in that light, was one of them.

Photo Credit: Michael Katetei

Rachael, me and my friend Diana from school. Gave up trying to do the spectacular birds’ eye view shoot and just acted-a-fool, while every one else was oh-so-serious.  And I got to meet my photography role model – for like a second and a half – but I did!

1, 2, 3 – Nairobi by night.

I hope you add the KICC helipad to your bucket list. It’s only 150 and 200 bob ($1.90, $2.50)  if you can prove you are a resident. Diana’s Swahili is pretty convincing.

Til later!!

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday, 30th Nov

  1. It seems you had a lot of fun! There is nothing better than photographing people or things with like minded friends.

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