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My African Safari

I feel like I have been initiated into Africa, as if being born into it was not enough, or maybe some kind of rebirth. I spent the past weekend in Maasai Mara, game driving and seeing some actual wild animals. So, no, the St. Louis Zoo is no longer the only place I have seen a real live elephant. And I know, because I have seen it, that zebra stripes are different – like human fingerprints. And cheetahs aren’t always as clean as they look at the Animal Orphanage. (So, hmmm… I have to see wild animals to feel African?)

Anyway, all this week, I will be doing the “Maasai Mara Special.” Still not sure exactly how I will group the pictures for maximum “Wow” effect – this too shall be worked out.


Happy Sunday!

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2 thoughts on “My African Safari

  1. i see you were at the top of KICC, the view is just awesome from up there.

  2. Photos like these…make me want to leave my damn job and go shoot something(the good shoot). I love the shot. One day, I too shall do a game drive and get amazing photos 🙂

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