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Zebras Photograph Well

Zebras photograph well, no? LOL, I just couldn’t resist that one, but now seriously.

I had tons of fun with the zebras. One, they are everywhere. Two, they are sooooo not shy. Three, they are just so damn beautiful. Only problem is that it takes too much work to get them to look up from their food.

Okay, so no. I am am not a zebra-butt obsessed perv, the things just have a knack for showing what their mama gave ’em. Then again, if you think about it, they recognize each other by their hindies…

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5 thoughts on “Zebras Photograph Well

  1. LOL! I liked the combination of you as well as the Zebras in zebra print. Very koolo!

  2. The 3rd one(of actual zebras) is my fave

  3. Wendy, i love the Zebra’s, how close did you get? Did you see other animals or just the Zebra’s

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