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The Stereotype

You know how when you hear “savannah” you have, already programmed, a default picture of it? Well, same thing with the Maasai Mara for me. And it turned out that a lot of the pictures fit that criteria. So, I am giving you the stereotypical view of a game drive. And since I can vouch for it as the truth, can it still be called a stereotype?

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6 thoughts on “The Stereotype

  1. Nice twist to the Savannah images. When i think of Savannah, i think of Savannah, Georgia. I also think of the Savannah, the lady on the Maury show who pigad her man a ngoto when she found out that he was hanky pankyng. Ok, i need to click on the “post comment” button and call it a nite.

    • LOL. How long have you been in the States? Well, it’s like my friend in the UK telling me she’s going to Birmingham and I get shocked cos she’s coming to the States and she hadn’t told me earlier. Thanx!

  2. stevekitots on said:

    aha…nice – becoming the avid blogger i see

  3. stevekitots on said:


  4. Hmmmm…I like…..naona ur out of the closet now!!

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