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Sun, Sand and Happiness

I apologize to my people who weren’t in coast this weekend – I know I took part in some serious bullying, this post included, and I realize it might come back to bite me in the future.

I spent the long weekend in Mombasa. It’s a port town on the Kenyan coast, is a beautiful place, full of history and culture (started around the 9th Cent BCE, probably before, with the coming of the Arabs to the East African coast and the development of Swahili as a Lingua Franca, etc)

Anyhu, I wasn’t really think much about the history when I went there – it’s the Nairobi people thing to do when you have a long weekend – head to the coast, kinda like Miami for Spring break of Tijuana when you are under-21. All in all, it was a weekend of some clean fun, getting hit on by beach boys, doing the local tourist thing, and making new friends.

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6 thoughts on “Sun, Sand and Happiness

  1. stevekitots on said:

    Nice, very nice!!!! no.3 is cool

  2. only that i thought u had like a million more,am waiting for them,but these ones look pretty cool

  3. eish!! nakuona!! Congrats I like the Captain Hero pic

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