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Sun, Sand and Happiness pt 2

Part 2…

Just a continuation of part one (duh) Anyhu, more Mombasa. I would have done a week-long series like the Masai Mara one, but, there were three other photographers (@truthslinger, @shaydest, @natishem) with me. Between the four of us, you will have seen everything I saw or wanted to show (and tons more that I didn’t even know I wanted to show).

And yes, us inlanders tend to go to the coast to have a wild time, but this trip was mostly about relaxation, exploration and chilling out. And that we did by the bucket loads. I think I like listening to people talk about things they love – as much as it can become technical and I am lost halfway through, there’s always so much to be learned from people with passion.

Window Pane Laundry

Mwandiko ulio juu ya mlango huu unasomwa   |     The inscription over the door reads

Inna Fatahna Laka Fathan Mubinan

“Bila shaka tumekwisha kupa kushinda kuliko dhahiri (Qur’an XLVIII: I)   |   Verily we have given to you a clear victory (Qur’an XLVIII:I)

For these last two, I was trying to get a shot of a single drop of water. Keyword: Trying. Maybe next time.

Lots of thanks, again, to Ray, The M’s,  Shaydy, Natacha, Stano, Mwihaki-for babysitting me and everyone against whom I partook in cyber-bullying, for making this a really fun trip. 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Sun, Sand and Happiness pt 2

  1. The last two…oh! My….congrats!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the images. The are really beautiful.

  3. why am I not following you on twitter??… *checks self*,.. these are such amazing photos,.. whoa!!!!,… keep posting

  4. wow the water ones….its amazing how we were together but we r not posting the same things

  5. You know the coolest thing is that, your photos are really getting better and better by the post. That is totally cool. I like how you see and subsequently shoot. Keep growing that talent and ‘watch the money pile up’..ok it wasn’t necessary to do a Kanye line there 🙂

  6. So I prolly sound like a broken record cos I keep saying “Thank You, I’m honored” “Thank you, I am humbled” but there isn’t much else I can say, “Thanks y’all, I am honored.”

  7. they succcckkkkkk sooooo badddd!!! There – now you really can’t say “Thank you! Am honored/humbled.”

    Signed: An avid follower of ur work :*

  8. aahhh u removed my comment!!! tsk tsk – was just teasing dumbass. you know i love your emerging talent..was expecting a witty rejoinder but no 😦 they are beautiful pics. signed MHC girl

    • Ha! Chero! I hadn’t gotten round to approving your comment – safaricom internet. But it was a new kind of blood rush seeing a negative comment (not that I am encouraging any) Anyhu, thank you. And yes, you had to sign as MHC girl for me to figure it out.

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