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Project 2011?

This is one year end I am definitely not looking forward to (You guys will have to bear with my whining, promise I’ll be over it by New Year’s Eve, if not before). Only because I really don’t believe I am heading back to school. I hate the end of vacations, *sigh.

Anyhu, I am a sucker for list humor, (Reference: Weirdworm.com; Stuffwhitepeoplelike.com; 1000awesomethings.com) and there’s a lot of 365-day projects around (A Lego a Day; A New Dress a Day) and I am trying to find something to do for 2011 to keep me working on this. First thought is making those postcards that would seal my fate as property of whatever asylum – but that would be when I am back in school, which in turn would mean printing costs, shipping and handling… a bit too much too soon, no? I know I can’t do a daily picture thing – yes, it would take only a second to take a picture – but I get carried away, and it definitely wouldn’t be one second (and there’s always school work). Maybe something revolving around school, showing it through my eyes… that might involve actually shooting people (eeek!!). So, I don’t know… I am basically looking for something that involves pictures, commitment and a time-frame.


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One thought on “Project 2011?

  1. wow,… “those” postcards are waay cool. And yeah, doing a post card project would be cool. you could be dropping like a post card a week or something to keep people really really anxious and waiting for something like that… generally, you got in mind what you would wanna do, my suggestion, you just follow your instincts,.. oh yeah, and shoot away!!,…

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