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Yaaay for 2010

Happy New Year!!!

This is an uber-belated post, but hey! I finally got round to it. I am back at school, yaaay? I made it to yet another blog post, two actually (Picture? Perfect!, MutuaMatheka.wordpress.com), since I last counted  – blogosphere celeb, whoot! whoot! And, I lost my camera on New Year’s Eve – shameful. So, once again, I am media-less, unless some beloved soul finds the cam, recognizes me from the pictures, mails it or leaves it at the door-step or something, anything. And I never even named him/her.

Let’s do a quick review of 2010. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the year. Most of them, are ones which I almost do not believe I took.

Bonus picture: I didn’t now how or where this would fit in. @truthslinger‘s laugh just makes you want to join in.

So, 2011… And I guess I have to make resolutions. Here’s one – I want by the end of the year – to have one picture, just one, which I think is good enough for National Geo

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6 thoughts on “Yaaay for 2010

  1. Nat Geo? U go girl! more power to you. You can do it.

  2. All the best4ur wish. didnt know u took a pic of us,lol

  3. Very nice. U have the talent and eye to spot a good pic. You can do it.

  4. well Nat Geo it is. Support kibao.

  5. Hehehe I did not know that about my laughter…but thanks, I think.

    The sunsets for the wild were really impressive for me. You have your compositions pretty much set, for you you shall just work on sharpness and overall quality and you shall get that NatGeo worthy shot, I believe. It was good meeting and shooting with you

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