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My World 2.0

We love Justin Bieber! Or not! Anyhu, I am the very proud and happy babysitter of a Nikon D70 with a 28mm prime lens, for the next ten or so weeks… I am not sure I miss the Sony veeeeery much. LOL Took it for a test drive yesterday. Just around my room, and I present to you: My world, as seen thru’ new eyes. I am gonna have me so much fun!!

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6 thoughts on “My World 2.0

  1. Natacha on said:

    Nice,am jealous :),are u the one who actually finished the cube?

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  3. Nonnie on said:

    Whoop whoop!The new year has brought better things. Losing your camera was not such a bad thing after all.

  4. LOVING the developed hobby!! awesome pics

  5. Nice pics!!! Hope you make more awesome pics

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