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Vocabulary | DOF

Soooo, Nikon D70! Whoa. Of course, I have been toying around, seeing what I can do with it. Or it can do for me… (This is the perfect time to ask your opinion. What makes the picture? Is the photographer? Or is it the camera? Been trying to think about that over the past few days)

That, I am afraid is it. I apologize for the lack of bright color and sunshine, it is after all, Winter (And also because I haven’t quite figured the light settings). And mighty thanks to Nina and Kago for using words like “awesome” and “amazing” together with “photographer” on my facebook profile. I am as yet, unable to fully claim the title, but those have been stored for future use. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Vocabulary | DOF

  1. what makes a picture? Thats a really deep question kinda like “what are we on this earth for?” keep shooting, i’m liking the pics.

  2. stevekitots on said:

    okay…soo i see your determined with this D70…#justsaying you’d have much more fun if you had a Canon 🙂 nice shots though…keep it up!!!

  3. I like, the baby sitting is doing you good. Count me a fan!!

  4. Good question. Let us just say, even babies have eyes and ears and legs, they only learn to use em later in life. Then you get older and some use their legs to earn gold medals, others to walk, others to kick people. Point is a runner may run faster with a longer leg, but only if he teaches the longer leg to run that fast.

    Point: A better camera shall just enable you to do that which is already in your mind, that which you decide to create, bila the picture……crap, Crap, CRAP!!

  5. aisha ak47 on said:


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