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Snow Day!!!

My first snow day. In three years, imagine! It’s the only day this equatorial native does not have to go out into the sub-zero temperatures and gets sleep in all day if I want. And do you know how I spent it? Not sleeping in at all and out in the sub-zero temperatures… (Really, what do people want? LOL) Enjoy. 🙂

So someone thought it would be really cool funny to intertwine rubber bands on all 1000-something student mailboxes…

Try retrieving your mail from that mess.

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3 thoughts on “Snow Day!!!

  1. Empress_tee on said:

    Got to love that, especially the art? It sure is an art, Am just wondering how many people took part in doing that and how long it took them

  2. Wambui on said:

    Haha! Nyc! Wat were pp.’s reactions?

  3. stevekitots on said:

    the rubber bands thing is looking nice!!!

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