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Portraits, Attempt Numero Uno

First attempt. She needed pictures. I needed to get to work on time. There wasn’t much time to apply all the great stuff I am learning from here (on PhotoArgus.com) and from NationalGeographic.com (They had an amazing link on tips that I cannot seem to find right now) and all the wonderful people who spare their precious minutes to answer my questions or offer information. Still I thought some of them turned out decent, at the very least – the info is stored somewhere at the back of my head, no?

So that’s Ratia, aka Empress_Tee, aka Ms. Tee. My really great friend. Confused Maasai. And she has a show on PIR, that’s Principia Internet Radio, Tuesdays 10p-12a CST (which is 7-9am Kenyan time, and 12-2pm Beijing Time – cos this blog is that global, he, he)

And the background is our college chapel.

Shooting willing subjects is so much fun!

I know, I made a slight change, almost unnoticeable.
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6 thoughts on “Portraits, Attempt Numero Uno

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  2. stevekitots on said:

    Numero Uno…can’t wait to see the second attempt!!!

  3. Unakam speed ingine poa sana….I like!!

  4. Nonnie on said:

    Must listen to show once I get reliable internet.Another willing subject right here, you just need to fly over 🙂

  5. Okay, weekend. We’ll show case your TWA for the world, before you braid. He, he.

    Thank you, thank you xoxoxo. Steve, watch out?

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