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Sluggish, much?

I have been a little bit frustrated with things/myself of late. See, once I decided this photography thing was going to be more than just “point and shoot”, it meant I had to learn how to get it right. And there’s so much out there I am learning. However, at the same time, with learning comes comparison – I guess that’s why they invented exams – with comparison, comes a ton of disappointment. Yeah – I know don’t compare – but seriously, doesn’t everyone, all the time?!

Aside from the comparison, I’m finding that more and more when I just shoot I get better pictures than when I am trying to think about leading lines and rule of thirds and focal lengths and ISOs. Maybe it’s because at that point I have no expectations, and therefore, no chance of disappointment – so I like those pictures.

Take Saturday night, for example, there was a dance at school. 80s theme – and I went to take pictures. Shooting for the school newspaper (cos I am doing that now AND they let me use their D200 with some super stalker zoom lenses) means I have to come up with 9 photo submissions each week. I had messed up with the light settings on the D200 – and all my attempts to correct ish seemed to be making it ten times worse and still by then I hadn’t figured it out. So here’s the scenario: 80s themed party: night time + low club lighting + possible chance of strobe lights + disco ball reflection + DSLR with unresolved light setting issues = photographic disaster. I didn’t have much of a choice, I had either the D70 with a prime, 28mm lens (Delores) which I know how to operate but which I would be restricted to up-close in your face stuff, or Cousin D200 with 18-70mm and 70-300mm zoom lenses, which, I messed the settings up, but could work long-range. I decided to just do it, hopefully I’d be able to find some five good shots. I fumbled around – pressing different combinations of buttons, rolling dials left and right all over the place – then towards the end of my stint at the gig, I noticed I liked what I was seeing (from the miniature screen, at least.) The pictures looked old and fuzzy with light splashes and orange shadows and lots of blurriness. But that plus the outfits, made the scene look authentic – like I’d just stepped back 30 years!

So, I guess it wasn’t so bad. Now my only frustration is trying to remember what exactly I did wrong.


This last one was one of the few I took without the lighting disaster. I love it!

So, I’ll definitely be reading the manual today. And, maybe this was already obvious to you, but it just hit me now – why don’t I just have the big lenses on the D70 cos I know what I’m doing with that one? Yeah, I’m on it – hadn’t though of that.


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4 thoughts on “Sluggish, much?

  1. Haki I tell you…you should have just switched the lenses…:). Any who, The 1st and last photos really rock the 80’s theme well and the movement in them makes it feel like a dance.
    All in all…know thy weapons, well…just take time and chunguza. I find that an event can be the worst place to be trying that out(from experience).

    Enjoy playing with the big toys..oh and don’t worry, in time you shall know what you need and you shall be shooting without worrying so much about about settings coz they shall be ingrained in you, you know. It’s just a transition stage

  2. stevekitots on said:

    Part of the learning process is all i can say…as Muts said keep playing with the big toys you in that transition point…

    p.s. i am liking the last pic 🙂

  3. Just like any growth, there has to be teething problems. Congrats I must say your very bold in posting up those photos.

  4. nonnie on said:

    Can’t fully appreciate your effort while looking at the photos on phone.Great job…baby steps and you’ll get where you want to be

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