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Portraits Part Deux: Nina Francisco

Attempt Number 2.

Or should I say three cos I made her meet me twice. Well, this is Nina. Born in Angola, raised in South Africa, now she’s studying in Elsah. A very tiny bundle of fun, he, he. Known since her day 1 of Prin – which, I think, was my third day.

We had more time this time – as witnessed by the number of pictures…

Yes, you are right. The white stuff on the ground is snow. And yes, she is in a tank top! But she makes it looks so warm, right? In her defense, we have been having a weird heat wave these past few days – I know first it’s ice storm then heat wave (by winter standards, this is about 8 degrees C). Sigh, good ol’ Mid-West!

Nina is the host on PIR’s Studio 66 (Thursdays 10-11pm CST/7-8am Friday Ke and Sundays 10pm – 12am CST/7-9am Monday Ke).  You better tune in!

Okay dokey lovelies, ciao till later…


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5 thoughts on “Portraits Part Deux: Nina Francisco

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  2. I see u’v doing abit of post….congrats, love the first and the last, keep on keeping on…

    no.1 fan hehehehe!!!!

  3. Ok…now to portraits…good job, I emphasize the growth which I like. You have a style that is coming out pole pole but ni kama nimei-notice….The white of the snow gives good light diffusion. Keep working on composition

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