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Winter Goodness

(Back-tracking a little bit) Some two weeks ago, we had an incredible ice-storm/blizzard thing that covered some 30-something states (out of 50) so for the first time in three years, I got a total of 2.5 consecutive snow days. My campus has something against days off so to have two and a half days without school is nothing short of a miracle.

Ice covered everything. And that’s a cup of leaf-shaped ice sheets, that I peeled off the leaves of the tree, on an ice-covered bicycle seat

The last one I took with my phone. The tree was so heavy because of the ice, it bent over almost in half. Look at the thickness of the ice.

Neat, huh?

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3 thoughts on “Winter Goodness

  1. love `em! esp the dof. however IMO, pic 1 the overexposed bit is too distracting .

  2. I love pic #2. I see lots of improvement Wendy, I like. The green & red looks good against the white…good colors

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