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I Guess I love Flowers, 2

I apologize for the silence, got swamped by school at some point and I couldn’t find my way out of the ever-increasing pile of work, but now it’s Spring break and since I won’t be heading to Cancun or Miami, I have ran out of excuses.

Two things, Spring is almost here – I say almost because it was sunny and bright and almost warm until I woke up today to find at least six inches of snow outside. Okay, maybe I exaggerate – but I had to find my jacket.

All in all, even in the dead of winter – which is when these pictures were taken – you can still find hints of wondrous spring everywhere, in the form of beloved green-house cultivated flowers and such. AND, I learned about an iPhone app – which I was a little apprehensive about earlier, Instagram. I figured because it was free, it was prolly a fake app – until Mutua Matheka did this post. Now, I am sold! But I have to be careful not to rely too much on the graphics in faking my way into a good picture.

After the mandatory red (and sometimes black) roses, tulips are my favorite flowers. They are just so delicate and so beautiful.

As fresh as a daisy, he he…

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4 thoughts on “I Guess I love Flowers, 2

  1. Wale oyerinde on said:

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  2. Eve Hearts Photography on said:

    I bumped into your blog from twitter!
    I am a newbie too and self-teaching… thats what attracted me to your postings… and I read them all in one sitting hahahahah! Talk abt being lame!
    Would love to keep in touch! Baraka tele!

  3. Eve Hearts Photography on said:

    Its not soo bad when you start with kiddos… they are harmless and easy going!
    I love your abstract stuff too! Whenever you visit Atl…holla!

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