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This Obama thing…

I finally paused to think about it and let yesterday’s events sink in.

I feel like four-year old me just wants to ask:

“Mum, kwani nini mbaya? Mbona hawa watu hawatupendi? Nini mbaya na hii ngozi yetu? Mum, kwa nini Mungu alifanya watu wakawa weusi ili wachukiwe sana na watu wengine? Mum, Mungu anatupenda sisi wenye ngozi nyeusi kweli?”

“Mum, what is the matter? Why don’t they like us? What’s wrong with our skin? Mum, why did God make some people have black skin so that they can be hated this much by other people? Mum, does God really love people with black skin?”

Because isn’t that what this is all about, anyway?

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One thought on “This Obama thing…

  1. Its sad isn’t it?

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