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Day 3| What’s in My Bag?

I know day 2 should be my outfit and a description… I have Spring Formal coming up this weekend, which means lots of dressing up and make-up and heels and fancy schmancy – i.e. a ton better for a photo op than sweats, no? So, I’ll move this around a bit.

What’s in my bag… a lot of fun things, see for yourself.

I have at least, two science courses each term, at least one of those needs two books and on average, each textbook is at least 700 pages and 8.5″ x 11.” The practical solution, a back pack – although I attempted a shoulder bag for two years before giving up. I borrowed the bag from my uncle on the night I left Nairobi, I’m so ‘organized’.

So, my textbooks, writing materials, keys, my key-card/meal-card – which acts as currency around here, my phone, lip-gloss, scent – just in case, iPhone USB cable, my violin books, and a distraction, sometimes a novel or a news or fashion magazine.

1. Backpack

2. Suzuki Violin books

3. Calc

4. Keys and keycard

5. Thermo text book

6. Miscellaneous: Easter card from Mum, stationery, lipgloss, my unisex cologne

7. Binder for notes and handouts. The cover is a page of pictures of me and my classmates that my professor took during an outdoor experiment.

8. The distraction: Clara and Mr. Tiffany, Susan Vreeland

Mum sent me the “I am Loved” badge for Valentine’s

And my phone, which somehow I managed to forget until the end of the ‘shoot’ and the way it never leaves my hand.

How fabulous am I? He, he, he. Maybe I should wait until Saturday to show you what’s in my bag. 🙂 Also, Ratia is letting me use her camera (Canon S90 – yup, I have moved to the darker side) #Life_of_a_broke_college_girl

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One thought on “Day 3| What’s in My Bag?

  1. Canon….hehehehe!!

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