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My Little Hater | Day 2. What I am wearing and a description

You know the drill. End of a productive day and you’ve just been hit with another incredible idea that you just can wait to share with the entire world. But you have a few things to do before you can sit in front of your computer and hit send, upload, create or publish – you have to deal with the few hours of class/work/traffic. Then you start analyzing, and then that nagging voice. “Why should they care? You’re not good enough,” or some variation thereof.

My little hater always claims, “You’re making too big a deal out of this as usual. Why should people take fifteen minutes out of their schedule to read what you have to say? You are wasting people’s time with your ‘lame attempts at photography’ (that’s what I call them, I even have a Windows folder named that.)

And especially with this 15-day challenge: “Really, you are going to spend 15 days to show people about your life? Ati ‘what’s in your bag?’ What makes you so special? It’s not like your pictures are even that great, you, jack of all trades.”

I really had fun late last year cos I cared more about learning and had fun doing it – now I feel like I’m focussing more on getting it right (read ‘perfect’) and I am denying myself the realization that perfect takes time – practice.

And that’s what I am struggling with right now – getting past that voice and just putting up a post without analyzing and over-analyzing and re-analyzing and then deleting.

That said, I promised an outfit post from spring formal… Is it cheating if I didn’t personally take the picture? Yes? Hmmm, do you mind re-reading the first five paragraphs of this post? Still, I will give you picture of St. Louis by night. Sometimes I genuinely love this city and I need to get out more often, especially at night.

You guys remember Nina and Ratia.

What am I wearing? My (not-so) little black dress (what’s a night out without one?) and about 500 tonnes of bangles on both hands, cos I was Indian in a past life and I just love it!

And the St. Louis skyline from Busch Stadium as viewed from my phone.

Citation:My Little Hater – JSmooth (@jsmooth995)

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2 thoughts on “My Little Hater | Day 2. What I am wearing and a description

  1. don’t give up…someone’s keeping tabs!!!

  2. Nonnie on said:

    I second Katts(as long as I have reliable net)

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