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Day 4 | A Tour Around My Room [Updated]

#np Hot ‘n’ Fun – N.E.R.D the live BET version, particularly the beginning part where Pharell calls out over, and over, “Party Peeeeeooooople!”

Thank you, thank you for bearing with me as I go thru this phase of feeling lost. I think I’m finally experiencing camera withdrawal symptoms, I generally feel like someone took my glasses away. In a way that’s a good thing – ‘cept I need to find new glasses and soon enough.

So, Day 4… two weeks later – he, he. A tour around my room. I had to clean up, I doubt any of those people in Home magazines genuinely have such well kept abodes and thus, I have to perpetuate the illusion. This was a hard one, had to keep checking “How much is too much?” But, here we are – a tour around some parts of my room – mostly my favorite ones.

The bed. This is where the magic (never) happens. LOL.

I was cleaning up, after about 7 weeks of procrastination. LOL

And then my reading desk…

Just in case you are curious, that’s Linkin Park, Not Alone

I’m kind of a greedy reader – I always get books, promise myself I’ll read them, and then don’t.

Those are the two most important areas of a college girl’s room, yeah? Well, here are the rest of things:

My island paradise. I still don’t believe that I made that. And my flower vase, which up until two/three weeks ago held my potted hyacinth that has since died. What does that remind you of…

This scene from Freshlyground's Pot Bellied

Look a little bit harder, you’ll see it.

Then my mirror, and the five-hundred things that go around it, expanded to ease your viewing.

And I don’t know why I have a car on my dresser, but I do.

He, he, he… was just thinking about what this post summarizes about me: Procrastinator, Linkin Park -player, plant killer, vain and random car haver.

[Added later] Also, that I can’t count 🙂

Happy Sunday!

Day 5 is something sentimental – I think that ought to come sooner.

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One thought on “Day 4 | A Tour Around My Room [Updated]

  1. hehehe!! very well articulated…

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