[1000 words + 1]

And we back!!

1 word – S.U.M.M.E.R!!!! Officially started today or Friday right after I submitted all my assignments. Take it as you will.

Still unpacking cos of moving around and “Day 5” will be coming as soon as I can wrestle my pics from Ratia’s desktop…

In the meantime…

And that is the past five and something months in a slight picture collage. I haven’t exactly not been doing nothing camera-less. Also, I don’t hate my phone and camera pics so much thanks to instagram 😀

So new positive energy, some free time on my hands, and did I say new energy? Let’s enjoy these 12 weeks!

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5 thoughts on “And we back!!

  1. I penda the images sana.

  2. sheees baaaaakk, pics are tight, btw you are developing a style here, cha ukwelo! and have i told you i mention your name a lot? has a ring to it, i think Awinyo Piny!!!

  3. Lets!!!

  4. Nonnie on said:


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