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Mum | Day 7 | Take a Picture with a Family Member and Write a Memorable Experience

She puuuuurrrrrty 😀

I’m taking a picture of a picture of me with a family member cos well, you’d have to wait a little bit for the actual picture of me and her. And no, that’s not my sister.

My mum is the coolest person around – I have so many memorable moments I had to take a pause to think about it. But do I say!

The one that comes to mind – which many of my friends from high school still remember – happened during an AGM meeting in my final year of high school. My mum arrived late. Maybe by an hour or 30 minutes. But by that time, the deputy principal was standing on the stage of the school hall addressing the parents. In walks “Mama Wendy,” giant green pizza box in hand. And of all the choices she had, like maybe seating at the back of the hall, my mum walks – boldly, like she owns the show (basically, she did) – to the front of the hall, making eye contact with the deputy head of the school and sits down.

Now the administration of my high school was a tad, (finicky?) and we could get suspensions for anything, and most people did. And I was sure that they had finally found a reason to send me home! But, it didn’t happen and my mum was the school hero for the rest of the term – okay, maybe the hero of the fourth form parents. He, he, he.

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