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Day 9 | What I Did Today

I actually had to get myself up and look for an activity. Also, I needed some art/color/craft in my life – it wasn’t one of the brightest days. Thus, I picked up a pair of scissors and rummaged for old magazines. A hard task when 3/4 of my life is packed away in dorm room storage and also because I am packing some more – but thank God for my ability to over-pack.

Yes, I’m a little Riri-obsessed

Normally, scissor and glue projects like these are my shopping lists, more like wish lists, considering on average the outfits in the pics are about $300 a piece, O_o. The fashion tips ain’t too bad either. Today, there was that and more.

First, I have been dreaming of making a collage – big enough for one wall. Except I am almost certain my creativity/psyche will run out after putting together the first five pics.

I found two things, however, that I see myself doing.

1. Scrabble Tile Push Pins, and

2. Marble Magnets.

Mad excited for the outcome. #project_pimptheroom. I’m not sure I care too much that I have waited until my final year in a college dorm to do this – maybe I can carry them forward to grad school. Or my first apartment space.

I would love everything on this spread, prepping for post-grad work.
The Shopping List


I got a little distracted – this is a fragment of the the would-be mural/collage thing

I’m still compiling images for the magnet marbles. I might even make square scrabble tile magnets.

Yaaay for Arts & Craft!

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One thought on “Day 9 | What I Did Today

  1. Yaay for arts & crafts indeed. I like what you are doing down there in that last pic. Hoping you get to finish the project…then take a picture

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