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Ratia | Mile High Club, Baybe! (aka Day 10 | A Picture of/with Someone I Hang Out With Today)

I had a pretty cool morning. Except for the freak of a thunderstorm that had me cowering under the covers I almost made us miss our flight. I’d rather panic under the warmth of my bed than jump every time it feels as though lightning is gonna set the floor on fire. (Too many horror movies as a kid)

I spent the better part of the day with Ratia. Nice coincidence that we were leaving Prin on the same day and ended up on the same flight 🙂 I don’t think I’ll be able to fly alone again. And then my connecting flight was delayed and I got to drive around ATL for two hours with Ratia’s fam 😀

I’ve had Kudish! The Sound of Soup for a while, but only yesterday added it to my iTunes (getting ready for travel and all). I died reading the lyrics to the music. JAB, y’all already know I love you. Now, how is it that you always manage to make me smile? (Except for canceling all the shows I ever plan on attending). But seriously, two line lyrics and the little conversational notes, coolness. Okay, end babble. Maybe you have seen this already, but if you haven’t, enjoy 🙂

Yes, I’m on a high. Now lemme get back to people watching until my next flight.

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