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Rachael | Day 11 | A Photo With Your Bestfriend and A Memory

Couldn’t sleep, so I decided to blog.

So, day 11.

World, meet Rachael (left). See how she lights up the picture? Calling her my best friend – just doesn’t capture it, but the English language is pretty deficient.

So I had to ask her to help me come up with something. She brought up two things:

#1. How we were the first two people in the class of  ’06 to exit our school after we completed our final exams. If I have never talked about my high school – it’s the kind of place you spend four years dreaming of leaving. So when the day actually comes, you just have to be the first to leave.

#2. Is a little more embarrassing. Actually it isn’t. There were little bits of high school that were fun. Specifically, holidays, mid-terms and funkies (school/club outings), basically anytime I was out of school. In Form 3, they brought back Music Festivals at our school after an almost ten year ban was lifted – I hear the folks of ’97 were an extremely rowdy bunch. During Zonals, after we’d presented our pieces (Ray did the Swahili Choral verse, I the English), we were roaming around aimlessly – me, Ray, Jess and… I forget who else, Binti? TJ? – when lo and behold we saw the six most handsome young men we had ever laid eyes on sitting in a shed selling Insyder magazines. Quickly, we noticed that there was enough space in the shed for the six of us girls. We circled the area about three times, I think, until we had finally mustered enough courage among us to approach the boys. A little pleasantries and “Hey, it’s so hot and we’re tired. Could we join you in the glorious shade of this your glorious shed” after, we sat down. There was Ben with the curly hair and the purple(blue?) glasses, RIP; and Kago with the “lilac” (his words not mine) rimless glasses and we all thought he looked like Will Smith – okay I did, Ray disagrees; Tedd, the tall, dark, handsome one – ahem; I think I can bet that Nathan was wearing red Timbs – they were in vogue back then, and Chess and I’m actually not so sure that Kandu was present. We spent the rest of the afternoon in that shed, discussing grammar and language and vocabulary as only 6 Pangerians and 6 Starcherians would! LOL.And when we got back to school, like any true 15/16 year old girls in boarding school, every one knew about the Starcherian 30%. Ah, good times.

Photo Credit: Steven Kitoto | The Art of Low Keyism I

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11 thoughts on “Rachael | Day 11 | A Photo With Your Bestfriend and A Memory

  1. Nonnie on said:

    This post rocks #VANITY.But really it does,nothing like happy memories to put a smile on my face.*almost tearing up*.I miss you!Get on a raft or something,I’ll wait.

    • No, I miss you! Building the raft now, forget the other DIY project. And I’m near the port, so I can just launch from my back yard.

      Okay seriously, this year better pass as fast as last year!

  2. Nonnie on said:

    First kalamba! (Had forgotten to include that before I caught feelings)

  3. Took a break from reading for my BUSINESS LAW exam (which is kesho) to read this.
    And I’m smiling like a kid who just got promised [candy]
    This is HOT, hebu endelea, the story doesn’t end there!
    Pen some more, I want to see what else you got in that brainy brain of yours!:-)

  4. Born Again!! on said:

    good old memories. Ray and I tried to recall the school where we met the Starcgerians, any clue?
    I also thought Kago looks like Will Smith.

  5. Memories. So nice post. I’m glad you had fun in high school. Patch really stunk.

    • Ha! I just made it sound nice – plus I always thought dudes had so much more fun in high school. Girls’ school especially mine were just crap.

  6. Theo on said:

    Clearly, this is a girls’ only vibing session…
    Catch you ladies later!

    Oh, and I gotta say I love the photo shoot pics, they are great!

  7. aisha ak47 on said:

    As i was stuck with some dudes from sijui muhuri michiri… i feel shortchanged

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