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Day 14 | The View Outside my Bedroom Window

I went apartment hunting today. Not really. But it ended up being an apartment hunt.

Fact: As of June 30th 2011, a four-bed-roomed apartment on the Long Beach waterfront goes for $3,000/pm. I can dream.

So, this isn’t the view outside my window – the actual one is a giant sun-blocking tree – and instead of trying to make it look good, I gave into my day dreams. And present to you, what I synergize (yaaaay, Stephen Covey!) as the view outside my room, also known as the Long Beach Waterfront – he, he, he.





That was the view right/west. Now for left/east.


Looks a lot like something I did before: here, here and mostly, here.

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2 thoughts on “Day 14 | The View Outside my Bedroom Window

  1. Gorgeous images! your words made me realize that our eyes are the window through which we see the the world.

  2. congrats….don’t give up!!

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