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In the Red

This afternoon I was thinking I miss winter – or at least the colder months. Why? I wanna wear tights! LOL

And then going through my old pictures I found these from February. The post is named “in the red” because of the orange-y hue/red dress, but then I googled the meaning of the idiom:

Meaning: In debt.

Origin: From the practise of using red ink to denote debt or losses on financial balance sheets.


Why would I be in debt? Cos I’m a useless blogger and I’m sucking hard in the practice makes perfect department. And at this rate, I will not be able to achieve my new year’s resolution for a picture that I can submit to NatGeo… [smacks self hard on back of head]. I may not be proactively doing anything, but I’m surrounded by so much that I still can’t miss reading about all the skills and techniques I should be learning :).

Enough chatter.


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3 thoughts on “In the Red

  1. Nice shots! I see MJ is in the back watching u shoot.

  2. love the leg shot. Curvy. 🙂

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