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Rooms I Crave: Meek ~ n ~ Mild

“1000 word and One” has been renamed. Via suggestion by @sunnynjeri (we were talking about how much of a nomad I am and she threw in the compliment. Thank you! :D). But then a quick google search of the name shows that a bunch of other people beat me too it. 😦 I’ll enjoy it for now.

I’m a little bummed out that summer is almost over. Okay, not really over, but since school starts in about 10/11 days – it’s pretty much over. Who knew 12 weeks would fly past that fast?! Yes, I know, I say that at the end of every holiday.

Okay. I was going through some of my favorite blogs and I found yet another room I crave. It’s so sunny, so airy, so white and yellow and pink that it makes me happy.

Source: Meek ~ n ~Mild

This couldn’t come at a more perfect time. My school’s making a transition from quarters (10-weeks terms) to semesters and that means five or six more weeks of staying in my dorm. AND! I get a single this sem, which means that the furniture arrangement and decor are entirely up to me! I am sooooo excited! I’ll bore you guys with yet another post about my room. On the real though, it’s a shoe box – but a shoe-box with a really tall window, and I have as much furniture in my senior year as I did when I was a freshman who’d flown almost 22 hours with as much as she could squeeze in to two suitcases (over-packing permitted).

I digress, that’s just the collage of tit bits of the room that Shirley and her sister, Kezia, share. It’s so bright and airy – I kinda wish I could break down one wall and add a window in mine. But check out the post to see the rest of it: http://www.meek-n-mild.com/2011/04/our-room.html


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