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So it’s True, Summer is Over.

I know, just a couple of posts back and I said I couldn’t wait for colder weather so that I could wear tights. As it turns out my vanity and excitement to play-dress up are outweighed by my aversion to freezing temperatures and ironically, being forced to cover up. These past few weeks have been crazy, weather-wise: one week temperatures were well into the high 30s and I complained about it, until the very next week when they dropped into the lower 10s, and I vowed to never complain about heat again [Insert: “Never say never”]. God, Mother-Nature and Father-Time, heard my prayers and temps have pleasantly been in the mid-twenties. Still, I’ve been in a great deal of denial about the weather, until the trees began to turn color. I guess even the extreme temps bring with them good things – autumn brings rust-colored everything. Rust, gold and red. Makes me think of cinnamon, cuddly sweaters and the smell of rain on parched earth. Warmest of combinations, if you ask me.

That said, I have been meaning to make an ode to the sun, and finally got round to doing so. Here are images from what was my summer break.

Click to enlarge, it’ll look better 🙂

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