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Meet Miss Angola-USA 2011 – Nina Francisco, pt 1

Meet Nina.

You’ve definitely met her before (here and here), but not in her new capacity as Miss Angola-USA. I thought it would be cool for her to tell us a little bit about herself and the pageant, instead of me rambling on about her stuff.

Before we go any further, I would like to make a small request of you. She’s in the running to receive a People’s Choice Award and it depends on your vote. There is a slight registration process involved but it’s only to verify that you ain’t a bot. Click on the link, register and vote. I’m sure she’d like that. (You can vote once a day and voting closes on Nov 10th)

Let’s get to it; who is Nina?

I’m one of 7 children, and if I had to re-live my childhood I wouldn’t change a single moment for anything. Being born in Angola, raised in South Africa, and currently studying in the US has given me an international mindset that has allowed me to see the world from so many perspectives, and in turn I’ve been blessed with wonderful ideas on how I can make a difference that will positively impact others.

If I had to describe myself in three words, they would be: Driven, simplicity,and a dreamer. In a few years time I see myself owning my own Social Enterprise that will impact the lives of so many children around the world, particularly in Africa.

Tell us a bit about the Miss Africa pageant:

The Miss Africa USA pageant is a pageant that was launched in Atlanta in 2005 and features young African women leaders in the USA. It is a platform that grooms many of these beautiful, intelligent women leaders to impact their communities in Africa, the USA, and the rest of the world. (MAUSA).

What’s your platform?

My platform focuses on education. It’s called “Children First” and it promotes and raises awareness on the importance of education in the lives of young African men and women, particularly women in African and African-American communities. My platform is a combination of my love for children and learning. Millions of children worldwide are deprived of their right to education, and I believe that every child has a right to education, in order for them to be well-equipped for the future.

How can we support you?

By joining my facebook page: Nina Francisco- Miss Angola USA 2011. You will get the plenty of information, news, and updates on my journey that will continue after the pageant.
You can also vote for me for the People’s Choice Award.
Most importantly, they too can raise awareness on the importance of education in our African communities.

One simple advice to young women:
Do not be afraid to take risks and go for what you want. Even if you fail, at least you can look in the mirror, and tell yourself: “ I tried.” That is all that matters.
Finally, why should we vote for you?

You should vote for me because I’m not doing this for the title, instead I know that I would be a great ambassador for Africans living in the USA. With my cultural background, my spirit of giving back, and my fun-loving attitude, I will be a great candidate for the “People’s Choice Award” at the upcoming Miss Africa USA Pageant slated for November 13th. Obrigada! Thank you! Dankie! :)

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