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Happy New Year!

2012! It’s here. I’ve been talking about graduation like it was in China and now, well let’s say I’m flying over India. I buckled and headed into Times Sq. Which wasn’t as horrible as I expected – mostly because I had, erm, zero expectations. See, the first time I went on NYE 2009, I thought it would be the toasted bread and everything. And while we walked some 9 blocks from 42nd and found ourselves on 51st, there was such a festive air everywhere. People were so excited, and this only built up the closer to midnight it got. The big countdown, watched the ball drop. And by Jan 1, 2010, 12:00:30 am, everyone had dispersed to their other engagements. I’ve never been so disappointed, I spent 1.5 hours and walked 9 blocks only for the party to be over 30seconds later?!

This is the background I had when I went this year. And while it wasn’t wa-wa incredible, it definitely wasn’t as bad as 2010. That’s how I spent my NYE. Got back home by 2am, at which point I watched CNN repeat its NYE coverage – so all the stuff I missed from being too far from the action, I got front row seats to. Maybe next year I’ll camp out from 4 pm to get the best seats, but only if I have some company (This is you cue to apply ;)).

Review: resolutions. I had only one – to have a picture that I think I can submit to National Geo – erm, about that… hmmmm… 😦 LOL. Don’t judge me. Since I have yet to complete my 2011 one, I’m gonna be carrying it forward. 🙂

2011 was pretty good. And while I started this blog at a sprint, the momentum may have died out towards the end. I’ll try and do the reverse for this year, start slowly and build up.

Thank you and a happy 2012!!

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3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I’ve always wanted to do new years at times square

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