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I Made Dinner

I joke about it all the time but it’s the truth — I am only domesticated as far as it’s in the kitchen. Beyond that, well, it’s beyond my scope of expertise. I love cooking. And especially love it more after a bout of the Food Network emboldens me to eyeball all manner of spices into a pot.

The rigors of undergraduate life, however, prevented me from doing it as often as I wanted to. But every once in a while I’d spare three hours in the kitchen on a Friday night. (I just loooooove talking about being an undergrad in the past tense!)

On one of those nights I had frozen tilapia fillet and stress to burn out on a Friday night. The results:

I’ll start from the beginning.

Step 1: Ingredients.

Tilapia fillet, salt, black pepper, cilantro, fish masala, red pepper, curry powder, garlic, an egg and wheat flour.

Step 2:What to do

Heat a pan of 2-inch deep oil for deep frying.

Into about half a cup of flour, add a tablespoon of curry powder, fish masala, and red pepper powder, and a teaspoon of salt. I eyeball my ingredients so usually I add stuff until the flour in slightly brown (not the best kind of cooking advice.)

To your beaten egg, add two teaspoons of crushed garlic (about a clove) and a teaspoon of the cilantro paste and just a pinch of salt.

Coat your fish fillet (cut to whatever size you want) in the egg mix and toss around in the flour mix.

And toss this into the hot oil. Fry on moderate heat until browned.

I meant to make fries but those kind of backfired into a fried mass of potatoes and added to tomatoes so that I can feel a little healthy. Et voila!

Made this again a few weeks later for the girls and added a tomato sauce. There was neither fish nor sauce left over. 🙂

My newly-wed friend, Jess, is blogging about a newly-wed wife’s kitchen adventures on Leo Tunapika? (What are we cooking tonight?) Check it out!


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3 thoughts on “I Made Dinner

  1. Where can I get fish masala (and in what aisle would it be in at the store)?
    I’m at Prin right now and the only places we go, when we CAN get off campus is Walmart, Shop n Save, and sometimes Schnucks.
    Thanks, and that looks sooo good, I really want to try it!

  2. Lovely, the meal looks delicious.

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