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Where Have I Been, you ask?

I know… I promised tonnes of posts with my free time and then vanished into thin air. Well, I was enjoying the wonderful taste of freedom — you know, now that I am done with being an undergrad and all the responsibilities of senior year.

I spent the summer working an amazing internship in Boston. I had been to Boston once before the previous summer but I didn’t allow myself to fall in love with the city as I did this time around. Boston has so much character. And there are so many church spires everywhere that lend the city such a European feel; it’s no wonder the region is called New England.

I worked on Church Plaza, which is such a beautiful spot. The church has incorporated a fountain and plenty of green space on its grounds that add a reflective atmosphere to the space. It’s a beautiful place just to enjoy. I loved watching people playing Frisbee or daycare groups with their tiny tots during breaks. Plenty of times I sat in the grass and read. 210 Mass Ave is a definite design win, I worked there but it was still a refreshing place to be.

The original cathedral, which you can see sort of in the fore and has a different, somewhat rough boulder-y texture, was opened in 1894 and the second, larger domed extension was added in 1906. Both remain in near original condition and Sunday services have been held in the chapel everyday for the past 106 years!

The view of the church and plaza from the seventh floor of the office building.

What I find amazing is the plaza’s ability to provide quiet and serenity in the midst of urban chaos. It’s in the middle of the city, nestled between two busy roads, Massachusetts and Huntington Avenues but it’s still a place where you can stop and think.

I’d recommend it for anyone.

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