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Rooms I Crave | Samantha Hutchinson’s Bathroom

After my first one, I was hoping I’d do more of these given the number of design blogs I am subscribed to but well… Now that I’ve graduated and I’m trying to figure out what next, the thing I envy most about being settled down is the ability to decorate your place as you would like it. A little paint here, a permanent collage there. Thus, I find myself looking more and more lustfully at interior design magazines and tumblrs. I’m calling this part of  my life the research phase since I am internalizing all the information on the internet for future use.

So here’s a post about a room I crave. Somewhere deep down, I’m a minimalist — deep, deep down. I tend to be a little cluttered. I can guess that the appeal of minimalism has something to do with my half-buried desire to be a better person. How else would you explain my being cluttered but loving that clean delineated look?

Anyhu, this morning I came across the very simple-looking bathroom of writer/stylist/social media manager Samantha Hutchinson. As far as I can tell, from the little that she showed, it’s all white. And I love the splash of color with the pink flower next to the pink book. Her blog is aptly named Could I Have That. I stole some of her pictures to show them on here. This room could definitely be in the same house as Shirley’s bedroom that I featured in my first Rooms I Crave. I adore the black and white rug.

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