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Thank you and welcome.

I have always enjoyed being in front of and behind the camera lens. As a child, I envied Mohammed Amin because of his continental travels and the opportunity to capture history in pictures. Unfortunately, for a long time, photography in Kenya was not considered a “serious” career, but things are fast changing. Upon fairly recently acquiring a digital camera (Sony WSC – 220, after upgrading from a Kodak KB10 and my Sony Ericsson K750i), I would love to pursue photography as a hobby while I take on a more “serious” career path.

This is indeed the experimental diary of an amateur/beginning photographer, feel free to share. Still it’s only polite to acknowledge the pictures (not to mention illegal in some cases if you don’t). Plus it feels really nice to have someone cite you. So go on, share, but don’t forget to link back to me.

Oh yeah: occasionally, I let out steam here too.

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